A Few Things Parents Should Know About Kids Helmets

What are the most marketable goods of 2020?

Many parents said: before May it is mask, and after May it is helmet!

Ⅰ. Why should children wear kids helmets?

Haikou has statistics of a group of data: most of the deaths involved in electric vehicle accidents, are head and brain injuries, the final death cannot be treated.

In 2009, two electric vehicles collided in Hangzhou. According to the video feedback from the scene, when the two cars collided and most of the people with helmets got up quickly after the collision and seemed to be fine. The other one, without a helmet, fell down and died instantly...

So why should children wear kids helmets? First, it's because the lessons of blood let us guard against it. The second is to prepare for the safety of children.

Children need to wear a child safety helmet to protect the head whether they are on electric cars or playing roller skating, because the head and neck are very fragile positions. In case of an accident, the rigid helmet will directly contact with the hard ground or the other car, which will play a great buffer role.

Ⅱ. Kids helmet knowledge

Parents must have a lot of questions about children wearing kids helmets. Next, let's learn the basic knowledge of children's wearing helmets:

1. Where helmets are required:

Children wear kids helmets in three situations: in an electric vehicle; roller skating; cycling and racing.

It has been stipulated that children must wear a kids helmet in an electric vehicle for safety reasons.

Roller skating is a general term for skating, roller skating and other sports. It requires a certain amount of speed in sports, and once collision occurs, it will also cause great danger.

Cycling and racing for children, a sport similar to roller skating that requires kids helmets for safety, has become increasingly popular in recent years.

2. Age at which children wear helmets:

Children need to take into account the characteristics of growth and development when wearing kids helmets. If they wear helmets too early, it is not only not good for safety, but also will damage the bones.

Under 2 years old: the baby is under 2 years old, do not wear a kids helmet, because the bone is soft, not fully developed, the helmet will cause damage to the baby's bone.

If the baby will do cycling exercise, mom and dad should be close to protect the baby's safety.

2 to 4 years old: children of 2 to 4 years old can wear a kids helmet for a short period of time if they have a customized helmet.

At this stage, wearing a kids helmet must pay attention to the time, do not be too long to cause damage to the baby's neck and head.

4+ years old: Children over 4 years old can wear a kids helmet normally, especially when cycling or riding in an electric vehicle. It is a good protection.

But in fact, no matter what age, helmet should not be worn for a long time, parents should be appropriate to adjust.

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