An Essential Helmet for Baseball Equipment: Adult Baseball Helmet

Baseball is a kind of ball sport with strong collective and antagonistic nature with bat playing as the main feature.


The baseball is made of round cork, rubber or similar material as the center of the ball, wrapped with twine, and then tightly stitched with two pieces of white horse leather or cowhide.


(A) The bat is cylindrical. The rod face must be smooth without cross-section joints. The length of the rod shall not exceed 1.07 meters, and the diameter of the thickest part shall not exceed 7cm. And the whole bat must be made of one piece of wood.

(B) The depth of the recess of the female head bat must be within 2.5cm, the width must not exceed 5.1cm and not less than 2.5cm, the cross section of the recess must be bowl-shaped, and no other substances must be attached.

(C) The grip position of the bat shall not exceed 45.7cm from the end of the bat. In order to facilitate the grip of the bat, any material can be used within the length of 45.7cm from the grip end (including rosin, etc.), but if the referee considers that the material used includes rosin exceeding the limit of 45.7cm, the bat shall not be used during the game.

In addition, there are related clothing, receiver gloves, first baseman gloves and pitcher gloves.

Baseball is very entertaining, but it is also one of the most dangerous sports. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of athletes, baseball players must wear baseball helmets and other protective gear for competition or training. The relevant specific regulations are as follows:

(A) Players must wear adult baseball helmets when hitting the ball.

(B) Players other than professional baseball must wear adult baseball helmets with double ear protection when hitting the ball.

(C) Amateur baseball batters and base runners should wear adult baseball helmets (the batters must wear double ear protection adult baseball helmets)

(D) The receiver must wear a helmet, face protection, chest protection and leg guards when defending in position.

(E) Caddy also wears a children's baseball helmet.

Generally, common adult baseball helmets have a rubber layer and a sponge layer, which have a cushioning effect on the one hand, and can increase the comfort of the helmet on the other hand. In order to obtain a better cushioning effect, the rubber layer of an adult baseball helmet is often thicker, so after wearing it, it is often sultry and hot, which will cause a lot of discomfort. The new technology adopted by SPD makes the adult baseball helmets not only good in permeability but also high in comfort.

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