Choose the Right Type of MTB Helmet

I always see that many newcomers are willing to spend a lot of money on the car, but only willing to buy cheap helmets to go up the mountain. They always think, helmets, don't they all look like that? What difference is there in use? ! This is like i3 and i7 processors, the appearance is almost the same, but the performance and price are far different.

Choosing the type of helmet that suits you is the first step in choosing a helmet. Most newcomers only consider full or half helmets when making a choice in different types of MTB helmets, but in fact it is not that simple, and choose the type of mountain bike helmet. The only criterion is the type and intensity of your riding.

Half helmet / Helmet

Let's first talk about the half helmets. Half helmets have many advantages. In addition to light weight, good ventilation, and good heat dissipation, the most important thing is good visibility, and you can also eat the Snickers anytime, anywhere.

Full Helmet

For the fierce mountain slopes, a full helmet is indispensable, especially when you encounter complex, difficult, and terrible road conditions, the full helmet must be your best friend! It can protect your entire head from injury in all directions.

Combined helmet

In addition, in addition to the traditional half and full helmets, in recent years, some brands have also developed their design and designed combined helmets.

Before buying a helmet, everyone will choose the appropriate size according to the head circumference, but in fact this is far from enough. Due to the differences in the head shape of each person, there is only one reference standard for the internal design of the same helmet, so if your helmet does not match the head shape, even if the size is right, the helmet will not have the stability and good protection effect.

Everyone knows that the head shapes of Asians and Europeans or Americans are very different, and the mainstream helmet brands are all from Europe and the United States. Designers naturally design helmets according to their own standards. This also makes many brands of helmets not suitable for Asian riders.

However, Meizhou Spoton Sports Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd provides customers with customizable types of MTB helmets to meet the needs of customers in different regions.