Choosing a Bicycle Helmet

In regard to the selection of bicycle helmets, there are the following things that your riders need to be aware of:

Firstly, when choosing a bike riding helmet, be sure to check if the selected helmet is affixed with the AQSIQ label. According to law, all riding helmets sold in our country must meet the safety standards set by AQSIQ before they can be sold to customers. Otherwise, it is an illegal product.

Secondly, to mitigate injuries in the event of an accident, riding helmets come with a safety harness, and the harness makes the helmet and the head fit better. Therefore, do not make the safety harness an accessory of the helmet, which sways back and forth on both sides of the face without fastening.

Finally, after selecting a riding helmet that meets national certified safety standards, the next step is to determine whether the selected helmet is comfortable to wear. Different riding helmets have different sizes, including helmets designed for female riders. When buying a helmet, please note that no matter how accurately you measure the size of the helmet, it is not as good as trying it on yourself. In order to ensure that you can buy a comfortable riding helmet, riders should go to the shop to pick, and not to buy a helmet that is not suitable for you but recommended by others.

In addition, various basic styles of custom bicycle helmets are available everywhere. Sport helmets are versatile, while road bike helmets are lighter and well ventilated. On the other hand, off-road bike helmets are more resistant to the collision, providing more head protection and even full protection for the face. The final type of bicycle helmet is the mountain bike helmet, which provides maximum protection for tough off-road terrain.

Choosing a lightweight, sturdy, breathable helmet is the right thing to do, with large vents for natural ventilation, and an alloy frame inside for strength and comfort. Some helmets also have bug screens on the front, which is a considerate design. In the past, a big difference between mountain and road helmets was that mountain helmets had brims but road helmets did not. More and more helmets were designed with a detachable brim, while more and more people wear helmets that are not fitted with a brim. In fact, the main function of the brim is to shade the sun, but a certain negative effect is blocking the sight, which in itself is an irreconcilable contradiction and can be chosen according to personal preferences.