Do You Wear a Helmet when Riding an Electric Bike?

Do you ride an electric bike? Did you wear a city bike helmet during the ride? Perhaps you think this is a trivial matter. "I ride slowly, it's safe, and it's not necessary." "Wearing a helmet will block the bike's sight, which is inconvenient." However, the traffic police tells everyone that riding an electric bicycle without wearing a helmet is very important for protecting the safety of cyclists Great effect.

According to statistics, among the major traffic accidents that occurred in my country in 2018, non-motor vehicle deaths accounted for 60% of the total traffic accident deaths, and most of them were due to head injury. If you wear a city bike helmet correctly, you can minimize the damage.

So, as many people say, is it safe to ride a bike by yourself? In this regard, the traffic police said that during the handling of the accident, it was discovered that a considerable part of the traffic accidents were not caused by you hitting someone, but when someone overtaking from behind you. At this time, the cyclist in front could not make a prediction, had no time to react, and was unable to prepare psychologically for the accident.

According to the Shenzhen Traffic Police Department, among the 35 people who died of electric motorcycles in Shenzhen in 2018, 27 people died of head injuries, accounting for 77%. Relevant research results show that when an electric bicycle accident occurs, city bike helmets can absorb most of the impact force, play a protective role, and prevent 85% of head injuries.

According to the Guangdong police, relevant research data show that the highest probability of injury to various parts of the body is the head, accounting for 64.8%, for motorcycle drivers and passengers without wearing city bike helmets. Statistics show that after wearing a city bike helmet, head injury is significantly reduced, and the probability of head injury without a helmet is 2.8 times that of wearing a city bike helmet.

Therefore, you must wear a safety city bike helmet when riding a bicycle.