Five Points in Selection of Suitable Ski Helmet

1. Ventilation and Temperature Regulation

It includes constant temperature control, air flow control and warm moist flow control for ski goggles defogging. This regulation system provide a fresh and dry environment, making skiers feel warm and comfortable. There are usually two kinds of ventilation system, one can be turned on and off manually, the other is opened automatically and can not be turned off manually. Spoton strongly recommend the former because it works better in low temperature and strong wind at high speed.


2. Original Sound Reproduction

Skiers can not hear the outside world clearly because their ears are covered by ear protectors. Therefore, some head ski helmets have an independent diaphragm system in ear protectors to reproduce the the outside sound completely, which is helpful for safety.


3. Integral Formation

Integral formation fully ensures the safety of ski helmet and the effectiveness of ventilation,which  is not rare now because  it has been applied to most helmets.


4. Belt Adjustment

Usually, helmets adopts snap fastener or toothed belts, which can be operated by one hand. The design is very practical, which avoids the dilemma that if the skier want to adjust his helmet, he needs to hold the helmet with both hands and even taking off the gloves.


5. Base of Ski Goggles

It is usually divided into soft silicone snap fastener and hard clip. The soft one is safer, but it is much thicker. Ski goggles with thick base probably can't be embedded into helmet perfectly. The hard one is more convenient but some hard clips are easy to break or fall.


There are some other details needing attention. For example, does your helmet need to have space for GoPro? Is it necessary to prepare several sets of removable ear protectors according to different requirements? Is the liner removable? Do you need to choose ultra light helmet made of carbon fiber?


That's today's share from Spoton. In fact, what is the most essential in choosing a ski helmet is to find the one that suits you and meets your needs on the basis of comfort and safety. As a helmet supplier, Spoton is waiting for your coming and we will provide sincere service for you.