Custom Sports Helmets Manufacturer

  • Bicycle Helmet
    Bicycle Helmet

    The most common type of bicycle helmet is riding half helmet, which can be divided into road helmet without Visor, road and mountain dual-use helmet with removable Visor, and MTB helmet. A cycling helmet generally consists of 7 parts: ABS/PC shell, EPS/EPP, buckle and webbing, Visor, air hole, adjuster, and lining. We are a professional bicycle helmet manufacturer and able to offer you custom-made bicycle helmets according to your needs. We are a professional bicycle helmet manufacturer and able to offer you various sports helmets for sale, such as helmets for skiing and mountain biking, helmets for the sportbike, and custom made biker helmet according to your needs, you can get your unique personalized bike/bicycle helmets, baseball helmets, ski helmets here in Spoton.

  • Ski Helmet
    Ski Helmet

    The shell of the ski helmet is generally made of PC, ABS, or PC + ABS material. The advantage of ABS shell ski helmets is that the surface of them can be painted with nice aesthetic patterns. PC shell ski helmets have better impact resistance than others. Call us now to get your high-quality custom-made ski helmet.

  • Skateboard Helmet
    Skateboard Helmet

    Skateboard helmets are generally composed of ABS hard plastic shells and EPS foam liners. The back of the skateboard helmet is well wrapped and the back end edge of the skateboard helmet is arc-shaped, which makes it able to deal with the situation of falling backward. Spoton is a professional manufacturer that has many years of experience manufacturing different types of custom skateboard helmets.

  • Climbing Helmet
    Climbing Helmet

    Regarding the tests for climbing helmets, there are 4 tests for CE and UIAA climbing helmets, which are frontal impact test, side-impact test, sharp object penetration test, and stability test. There is also a European Union standard for climbing helmets called EN12492. The climbing helmets produced by Spoton are strictly abode by the principles above to offer our customers high-quality custom climbing helmets.

  • Baseball Helmet
    Baseball Helmet

    There are two types of baseball helmets, catcher helmets and strike helmets. The catcher helmet is only worn by the catcher, and it is generally separated from the mask. It can be flipped upwards when catching a high-flying ball or picking up the ball since the mask may obscure the vision. The strike helmet can be divided into the left ear strike helmet, right ear strike helmet, and double ear strike helmet. Trust Spoton and we will not fail you in customizing baseball helmets.

  • Children Helmet
    Children Helmet

    Children's helmets can be divided into full helmets and half helmets. Full helmets are able to protect a wide range of heads, but the permeability and visibility are relatively poor. It is appropriate to use full helmets in intense sports competitions. Half helmets can provide a broad vision and help to avoid accidental risks in time. Half helmets are more suitable for leisure sports in daily life. Spoton offers customized children's helmets for a safer playground for every kid.