How Do I Choose a Helmet That Fits Me?

How to choose a helmet is also very particular. You must not patronize it to look good. You must check it carefully. There are two main measurement indicators: collision energy absorption performance and penetration resistance performance. This is a representative indicator of the helmet's safety protection performance and must be checked. At the same time, after getting the helmet, press the front, back, and sides of the helmet to see if it is easy to deform. If it is easy to deform or soft, the protection effect will be poor. At the same time, try on it, not too loose or too tight, and check the ventilation holes, hat straps, and goggles.

1. Look at the riding scene to choose a cycle helmet

Mountain bike helmets must be selected for mountain riding scenarios, which can show stronger protection. For road riding scenarios, best road bike helmets are selected, which have a stronger line of sight and lower air resistance.

2. Look at the compressive strength of riding to choose a cycle helmet

High-toughness fitness exercise scenarios are relatively more dangerous. It is recommended to choose helmets with stronger materials and stronger safety factors. For example, different types of mountain bike helmets use general plastic, glass fiber and carbon fiber materials for the shell.

The price of helmets with stronger natural materials and a large amount of safety and high-tech technology will also be higher. When you choose, you should only choose the good ones and not the expensive ones.

Spoton also reminds everyone: when wearing a helmet, you must wear a belt. If you do not wear the belt or wear in the wrong way, safety is still not guaranteed!