How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

Choosing a helmet that suits you can ensure your riding safety. How to choose the right bicycle helmet?

Put on the helmet, the edge of the helmet is on your forehead at the brow. The bicycle helmet doesn't rotate around on your head, doesn't bob back and forth, doesn't feel cramped. Instead, your head is easily and naturally protected. And the breathability cannot be ignored. The more vents there are, the better breathability it will be. However, this is not a constant rule under the premise of ensuring safety. Because some helmet for bike do not have many ventilation holes, but the air permeability is designed to be just as good.

1. Texture: Helmets are generally made of foam material (ordinary or high density, the difference between the two is their anti-collision effect) and have a smooth shell surface;

2. Weight: Do not put too much weight on the head, which is the reason why riding helmets is not made of alloy material;

3. The inner lining: It is the part of the helmet that touches the inside of the head. It can improve the wearing comfort in general, and it will produce a cushioning effect when the head is hit. A well-made helmet has a larger lining coverage, better texture, and a stronger adhesion with the inside of the helmet; 

4. Wearing comfort: Mainly due to the personal feeling of weight, lining, ties, and fit of head circumference, wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck and maximize the protective effect in case of an impact;

5. Breathability: The head being airtight for a long period will harm the scalp and will make the rider feel uncomfortable. So a good helmet either has more holes or a larger hole area, which is to improve breathability;

6. Wind resistance effect: Helmets keep one's hair inside the helmet, which itself reduces wind resistance to the head. And for those keen to boost speed, the effect of helmet shape on wind resistance is also worth noting.

7. Different types of bike helmets: Half-helmet cycling helmets can be divided into highway dedicated helmet (without brim), highway and mountain dual-used helmet (with detachable brim), and so on. Some friends also use helmets similar to those used for baseball or rollerblading. Full-helmet riding helmets are shaped similarly to motorcycle helmets, and they are typically used by speed or climbing enthusiasts.