How to Choose a Climbing Helmet

Nowadays, in order to release the more and more onerous work pressure, mountaineering has become the best pastime for people. People can breathe fresh air and exercise during mountaineering. Many enthusiasts even choose rock climbing to release their pressure or enrich themselves. At this time, we need a professional helmet to protect our head. Here is how to choose a suitable climbing helmet.

As a practical protective equipment to protect personal safety, a climbing helmet must undergo harsh practical tests. Then you must recognize whether the helmet brand has passed the European Union (CE) or UIAA standards.

There are three main types of climbing helmets:

Hard shell helmet: This helmet is made of high-strength ABS plastic or fiber high-strength polymer. The biggest feature of this type of helmet is that it is durable and impact-resistant. You don't need to be too careful in daily use and maintenance; the disadvantage is that this type of helmet is generally heavy and may be a bit inconvenient to carry. If you are an enthusiastic rock climber, you can consider it.

Foam helmet: This kind of helmet is similar to the mountain bike helmet. It is made of a kind of foam called EPS. This kind of helmet will have a good energy absorption effect when subjected to external force, effectively protect the head, and is light-weighted, and easy to carry. The disadvantage is that it is not durable, obviously not as long as the hard shell helmet, but the energy absorption effect is good. Once it is broken, it cannot be used.

Hybrid helmet: The shell of this kind of helmet is generally a layer of hard plastic (common in ABS), which is filled with foam plastic. This kind of helmet absorbs the characteristics of the first two helmets and combines durability, portability, and comfort. So it is more popular in recent years.

Spoton is a professional helmet manufacturing company that offers the cheap climbing helmet with high quality. Helmets are protective products that offer personal safety, as long as you can buy a reliable brand. Once we buy a low-quality and cheap climbing helmet, when we are really in danger, it may have the opposite effect and aggravate personal injury. It is not worth the money for this.