How to Choose a Helmet Suitable for Skateboard, Fish Skateboard, and Drift Board?

In skateboarding, fish skateboarding, and driftboarding, the most important protective equipment is a skateboard helmet.

Abraded knees and elbows will heal, and broken bones can be reattached. However, your unprotected head injury may be irreversible in the worst case. These words are not to scare you! Just to emphasize, even in some small probability events, such as when you hit the ground or other hard things, the importance of your head protection. According to different gameplay, you can choose the appropriate helmet.

General skateboarding and street skateboarding:

In most skateboarding activities in this range, half-shell/openface skateboard helmets can be used. This spoon-shaped skateboard helmet will protect the top, sides and back of your head. Custom skateboard helmets can meet the needs of different people.

Skateboarding and cycling:

If you want a skateboard style helmet and want to wear it to ride a bicycle, you should buy custom skateboard helmets that are CPSC certified for riding.

Downhill skateboards and longboards:

If you skate very fast, or downhill (longboard), or play U-pool (super-vert), or maybe you just want to add extra protection to the front of your face, a fullface helmet may be a good one s Choice. These custom skateboard helmets also meet the CPSC safety standards, so you can wear them in mountain bike downhill or BMX.

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