How to Choose and Wear Helmet

Choose Helmets

For the choice of riding helmet, the following matters need your attention:

First of all, when choosing a riding helmet, we must check whether the selected helmet has the label of the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection. It is stipulated by law that all bicycle helmets sold in China must meet the safety standards stipulated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection before they can be sold to customers. Otherwise, it belongs to illegal products.

Secondly, in order to mitigate the injury in the accident, the riding helmet is equipped with a safety belt, and the belt can make the helmet and head more fit. So don't let the seat belt be a foil to the helmet and swing back and forth on both sides of the face without fastening it properly.

Finally, after choosing a riding helmet that meets the national certification safety label, the next step is to determine whether the helmet is comfortable to wear. Different types of riding helmets have different specifications, including those designed specifically for female cyclists. When choosing a helmet, please note that no matter how accurately measured the size, it is not as effective as trying it on yourself. In order to ensure a comfortable riding helmet, riders should go to the car shop to pick it out. Don't buy a helmet that doesn't fit you on the recommendation or appreciation of others alone.

In addition, all kinds of basic bicycle helmets can be bought everywhere. The sports helmet is widely used, while the road bicycle helmet is lighter and has good ventilation. On the other hand, cross-country bicycle helmet has stronger crashworthiness, providing more head protection, sometimes including full-face protection. The last type of bicycle helmet is a mountain bike helmet, which provides maximum protection and is suitable for difficult off-road terrain.

It is proper to choose a light, strong and breathable helmet with huge air permeability holes, good ventilation effect, alloy skeleton, and reliable strength. It is a very considerate design with lining, comfortable wear, and an insect-proof net in front of some helmet. In the past, a big difference between the mountainous helmet and road helmet was that the mountainous helmet had eaves, and the road helmet had no eaves. But more and more helmet are designed as removable eaves, and more and more people wear a helmet without eaves. In fact, the main function of eaves is to shade the sun, but some negative effect is to block the sight. This is an irreconcilable contradiction in itself, which can be chosen according to personal preferences.

How to wear Helmets

Helmets are one of the most important accessories in cycling. It is important for you to ride safely and comfortably by understanding the basic characteristics of the helmet. So you should choose the right helmet for you.

1: Open the belt. (A)

2: Place the helmet horizontally on your head (B) and tighten the strap slowly until you feel comfortable.

3: Adjust the strap below the ear. (C)

4: After adjusting the strap, tighten the strap and press it close to the chin. (D)

When you have done this, make sure that the helmet does not move more than 1 inch (1 inch = 2.5400 cm) and that the helmet does not fall off without loosening the strap.