How to Choose Riding Equipment for Kids

As cycling culture takes hold, newcomers constantly join the cycling group. Especially for children who are full of curiosity and excitement, riding the sport with a sense of speed is even more irresistible for them. As parents, you must want your child to grow happy and healthy while cycling. So, how to buy suitable and safe riding equipment is a compulsory course you should not miss. Today, Spoton is here to talk about how to choose a child safety helmet.

1. The child safety helmet can not prevent security incidents, but it can protect chlidren's heads in the event of an accident and lessen the damage it can cause. We recommend that children wear child safety helmets when cycling.

2. When purchasing, choose a helmet that meets safety standards or has CPSC or CE certification, and that fits well and is comfortable.

3. If the helmet is damaged, you will need to purchase a new helmet for your child, as a damaged helmet will no longer protect your child.

4. Be careful not to let the helmet clip to children's skin when wearing a safety helmet, which can affect the comfort of wearing the helmet.

Warm tips:

1. When children ride bicycles, the seat height should be adjusted appropriately. Teach your child to sit upright to avoid spinal deformities.

2. Bicycling often requires the coordination of the wrist bones and muscles, but the wrist bones of young children are mostly composed of soft tissues, which are soft and easily broken. So try to avoid wrist injuries during activities.

3. Young children have immature pelvises, so special attention should be paid when they get on and get off the bike. Particularly, for girls, extra protection is needed so as not to affect their development. We recommend that you avoid buying strollers online of unknown brands, which seems to be cheaper, but the quality of the frame and parts can't be judged to be in line with industry standards that may result in security risk.