How to Maintain a Biycle Helmet?

1. Maintenance of bicycle helmet shell

It is a contradiction to maintain the gloss of the helmet, because the gloss of the helmet is caused by the ultraviolet light of the sun and the dust from the surroundings attached to our helmet during our daily riding, so that it losts the luster of the past. Although we have no way to avoid it, at least we have to find a way to make the gloss last longer. For these two main reasons, first of all, we suggest that you don't go out under the scorching sun at noon. It is best to choose morning and afternoon. The fake one-piece helmet cannot be exposed to the sun and rain, or it will be glued soon.

Another thing is to wipe the surface of the urban bicycle helmet with cotton cloth dipped in alcohol (industrial alcohol) or white electric oil every time you come back. Never use a harder cloth to wipe the helmet shell! Remove the stains and dust on the surface of the bicycle helmet, and if possible, you can put car wax on it, so that it will be more shiny. Some riders accidentally scratched the helmet on hard objects during riding, so we have to repair it. The simple method is to use our commonly used toothpaste to squeeze a little bit on the scratches, and then use a cotton cloth. Wipe back and forth repeatedly, so that the big scratches will become smaller, and the smaller ones will become less obvious.

2. Maintenance of inner shell of bicycle helmet

For the inner shell EPS, there is no need for maintenance, but for a long time there will be pits where the outer shell is not covered. For these places where the depression is not deep, we use the shaft of the screwdriver to apply a little force. Go to the protruding area around the depression, that is, press down the high area to be as flat as the depression. Remember to use the screwdriver's shaft to choose a round and move back and forth to press, not staying in one place to press! For those places where the depression is deeper, we use the mosquito coil that we use to smoke mosquitoes, first light it, and then use the lighted part to bake the sunken area. The EPS will foam when it encounters a high temperature. Remove the mosquito coil when you see the sunken area and the same place. If the effect is not satisfactory, use a screwdriver to press it again, and it will be the same as before.

3. Bicycle helmet lining maintenance

The next thing is that the lining is cleaned daily. Generally, we recommend that you clean the lining every time you come back. When removing the inner lining, do not suddenly tear it with strong force. It is very easy to tear off the Velcro behind the inner lining and the inner lining together. Even if you paste it again immediately, it will not have the original effect. Sometimes the inner lining is torn. The disassembled inner lining cannot be washed in the washing machine, nor can it be brushed with a brush, so that the inner lining is easily deformed and de-elastic. Just soak it in water with laundry detergent or detergent for a few minutes, rub it with your hands a few times, rinse it with clean water, and dry it.

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