How to Pick a Bike Helmet

As an environmentally friendly and convenient means of transportation, bicycles have always been loved by everyone. Both professional racers and ordinary people can ride bicycles. Not only can people ride bicycles to work, but they can also go cycling with friends in the countryside on weekends to exercise. However, Spoton Sports Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd found that many people don't like to wear helmets when riding bicycles, or buy a helmet casually. Most people think that the speed of bicycles is not fast or they don't need to ride far away, so there is no need to wear helmets at all. It is very responsible of Spoton to tell everyone that when the accident happens, it will not tell you in advance. In recent years, bicycle traffic accidents are common. Many people lose their lives because they don't take protective measures. These tragic accidents remind us that we must wear helmets and take protective measures when riding bicycles. So how do you pick a bike helmet? What is the most important factor in picking a bike helmet? Let Spoton answer your questions.


Most bicycle helmets have a lot of holes in the structure for ventilation and heat dissipation, since riding a bicycle is a physical work and you will sweat a lot. At the same time, in order to reduce the burden of riders, bicycle helmet manufacturers will make helmets very light. Although this will make the helmet less sturdy to some extent, most manufacturers will still do so. With the improvement of bicycle helmet manufacturing technology, manufacturers will be able to reduce the weight of the helmet while improving safety, so we don't have to worry about it.

Bicycle helmets are designed to protect the human brain. They generally rely on cushioning to protect the head when facing a small impact, and rely on breaking to absorb the energy of the impact to protect the head when facing a high-intensity impact to a certain extent. So when picking a helmet, the first consideration is whether the helmet meets this requirement, otherwise it will be useless.