MTB Helmet Materials and Technology

In addition to the added value of the brand, the material and technology of MTB cycle helmets are the main manifestations of the price difference, and the high-quality materials and advanced technology can indeed bring you a different wearing experience and safer protection performance.

MTB cycle helmet shell material

Since the riding strength of the half helmet is not high, the helmet shell is mainly made of thinner lightweight plastic, and is compounded with cushioning foam. The full helmet is different, the corresponding riding strength is much higher, and sometimes close contact with rocks and trees, so the strength of the mountain bike helmet shell is particularly important. There are three main shell materials for full helmets. The plastic shell is light and cheap, but relatively easy to break. It is mainly used for low-end products; glass fiber has high strength but heavy weight and is mostly used in mid-end products; while high-end products are lighter carbon fiber material with higher volume and higher strength.

Inner skeleton structure of MTB cycle helmet

The full helmet has a hard shell to deal with fierce impacts, and the shell of the half helmet is a little thicker than paper, and the decorative effect is more than protective; and in order to achieve the effect of breathability, the large area of hollowing also allows the half helmet to resist the impact It is easy to break at times. Therefore, some brands have invented a half helmet with an inner frame structure. By inserting a hard plastic frame into the cushion foam of the MTB cycle helmet, the integrity of the entire helmet in the event of an accident is enhanced.

MTB cycle helmet cushioning material

In addition to mtb cycle helmet shells and skeletons, more and more brands have begun to work hard on the foam of full helmets, using special manufacturing processes, such as dual-density EPS composite technology, to disperse and reduce vibration during impact; The foam is integrated with the helmet shell to reduce secondary impact damage.

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