Notes for Choosing a Ski Helmet

For skiing, equipment is of great importance not only because it has a cool appearance, but also for it can bring us better sports experience with safety. Choosing the right ski helmet can save your life!

First, the ski helmet should be comfortable which is the most basic requirement for a helmet. The ski helmet should not squeeze your temples, or it won't be long before you get dizzy. Second, weight, style, and other factors need to be taken into consideration. In addition, there are some noteworthy details.

1. Choosing a ski helmet: softshell

This means that the custom ski helmet is soft. Of course, it doesn't refer to the wool hats with a few pieces of sponge inside, but a professional medium softshell. Different from those soft helmets with a D3O braid or protective sheet, this kind of helmet with a softshell is safer, more protective, flexible, and comfortable, and durable. It is in line with the Chinese CE EN1077 standard. It adopts two kinds of VN materials with different density, which can cope with high and low energy impact at the same time, which is more suitable for ordinary use. 

Generally, the structure of the soft shell helmet is as follows:

Low-density VN (Vinyl Nitrile, vinyl nitrile) layer: Low-density VN refers to the foam pad. It is a good buffer with a soft surface and a high compression level. It is the last line of defense.

High-density VN layer: It is the major impact resistance area. It is hard with high ductility.

Softshell: It is made of special plastic and it can deform together with VN layers without cracking.

2. Choosing a ski helmet: regulation system

Nowadays, the regulation system of ski helmet odm is usually multi-dimensional. And there are some self-locking designs, including the knob in the head circumference direction, the telescopic in the vertical direction, and the auxiliary gasket. The regulation system enhances stability. There are some industry standards for ski helmet including fixed mode of ergonomic design, interior filling, extra room for a hat, fitting ski goggles, and so on.