Pay Attention to the Details of the Ski Helmet to Improve the Wearing Experience

In order to bring a good wearing experience to skiers, major manufacturers have begun to pay more attention to details besides the basic performance of ski helmet protection and weight.

1. Lining and ear protectors

The lining and ear protectors of many ski helmets are designed to be detachable, allowing users to clean and replace them. At the same time, a batch of patented materials have been successively used to make helmet liners, which achieves antibacterial, deodorizing, and quick-drying effects, and helps lazy people continue to be "lazy". In addition, some women's ski helmets are lined with long pile wool and other materials to enhance the warmth, so that girls can ski more comfortably.

2. Straps

The straps of almost all ski snowboard helmets can be adjusted. Remember to adjust to a reasonable degree of tightness when wearing them. Do not fasten the buckle or be too loose, otherwise the helmet will be thrown off when you fall out of control. At that time, you may experience a “bare head bump”.

There are many ways to connect the strap, no matter the snap, buckle, or snap, firmness and stability are the most important things. So it is necessary to check for damage and looseness when purchasing. Also, the manufacturers design the plug-in buckle more convenient, such as the use of magnetic buckle, push-button rack switch, which can let you achieve "one-handed operation".

3. Snow goggles& Helmet matching

When trying on a ski helmet, you can take your own snow goggles. The gap between the bottom edge of the helmet and the snow goggles frame shouldn't be too large, which can avoid the pain of wind and snow. Generally speaking, brands that have both helmet and snow goggles product will give priority to the matching of their own products, so you can pay attention to them when purchasing.

4. Snow goggles clip

Generally, there are soft strips and hard strips. The fixing methods include snaps, hanging buckles, and plug-in styles. As long as this component is compatible with the snow goggles, remember not to lose the hard strips.