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Bicycle is not only means of transportation but also a smash-hit sport.  When riding a bicycle, two things usually are taken into consideration--safety, and joy, and of course, safety is always been put in the first place. The bike helmet is the most important piece of gear to protect people when biking. As a professional bicycle helmet manufacturer and helmet supplier, we take great care in every bike helmet - cool style, comfortable feeling, and high safety standard. You can also customize your own helmet and get a personalized bike helmet here. Contact us to know more about bike helmets!

Custom Bicycle Helmets Production Process

Main item /categoryCapacity/Daily outputMOQLead time /first orderReorder leading time
Bicycle helmet2000pcs/day1000pcs40-45days30-35days

How to Choose the Right Custom Bicycle Helmets

The right cycling helmet should be light in weight, sturdy in hardness, and breathable in materials. Spoton bicycle helmets have huge vents that providing good natural ventilation, alloy inside frames providing reliable strength, and COOLMAX liner making them more comfortable to wear. Some helmets also have insect nets in the front, which is a very thoughtful design.

Texture: Different types of bicycle helmets are available in Spoton, including urban and mountain bike helmet, which are generally made of foamed material (ordinary type or high-density type, the difference between the two lays on the anti-collision effect), and have a smooth shell surface;

Weight: It is no good to put too much weight on the head, which is why the cycling helmet is not made of alloy material;

Lining: The inner side of the helmet is directly contacted with the head. A good inner sidelining can improve the wearing comfort in daily times and produce a cushioning effect when the head is impacted. A well-made sports bicycle helmet should have a large coverage lining, good texture, and proper fitness to the head;

Wearing comfort: The weight, lining, straps, and circumference are the key elements of wearing feelings. Wearing a comfortable bicycle helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck and improve the protective effect to the maximum;

Breathability: If the skin under the helmet is stuffy for a long time, it will affect the head and make the rider feel uncomfortable. Therefore, good helmets should either have a large number of vent holes or the vent holes are large in size, which means to improve breathability;

Wind resistance effect: The helmets reduce the wind resistance by keeping the rider's hair inside the helmet. And for those who are keen to increase the speed and reduce the wind resistance further, attention is worthy to be paid to the helmet's shape.

Types of cycling helmets: Half-helmet cycling helmets can be divided into highway dedicated (without brim), dual-use road and mountain (with removable brim), etc. Some friends also use helmets similar to baseball or roller skating. The riding full helmet is similar to a motorcycle helmet in shape and is generally used by speed or climbing enthusiasts.

Precautions for Proper Wearing Bicycle Helmet

1. Give priority to protecting the forehead, since most of the out-of-control and collision accidents would throw the rider forward. The front edge of the helmet should be pressed to the brow, and the forehead should not be exposed;

2. Choose a suitable helmet size, or use a helmet liner of a proper thickness to adjust the gap between the head and the helmet body to the minimum;

3. Tighten the adjustment knob on the back of the helmet to allow the headband to give a certain pressure to tighten the helmet to the head. When trying to turn the helmet left and right with both hands, it should not be rotated.

Different Types of Bicycle Helmets