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Our children's helmet is a certified multi-impact helmet with EPS fusion foam and a sweat-absorbing liner to keep your head cool and dry. It owns a deep-fit design that fits low on the dome. Comfy. Cool. Safe. Spoton can offer various child safety helmets for children's sports, such as kids scooter helmets, bike/bicycle helmets, ski helmets with/without visor, snowboard helmet, skateboard helmet, MTB helmet, and mountain bike helmet. Our helmets are suitable for both boys and girls. Spoton is a professional helmet supplier that offers reliable quality children's helmets that can help to ensure children's safety, you can also get a personalized helmet by customizing.


Why Choose Our Child Safety Helmet

1. Unisex bike helmet

2. Colorful

3. Ultralight

4. Strong materials

5. OEM service is welcomed

Production Process of Child Safety Helmet

Main item /categoryCapacity/Daily outputMOQLead time /first orderReorder leading time
Bicycle helmet2000pcs/day1000pcs40-45days30-35days

We should remind our children to be safe when playing sports no matter what sport it is. Even in their daily life, they must pay attention to various things. In fact, wearing a helmet during roller skating is equivalent to these. This is not a question of willingness to wear, it is about safety awareness. Roller skates protection includes knee pads, elbow pads, and handguards. It is common for children to fall in roller skating, but with the protection of protective gear, they will not get hurt. Beginners may not be proficient in mastering balance and lead to falling when roller skating. They usually fall with both hands or knees. With the protection of knee pads and handguards, falling is not a big deal. The elbow protector will also effectively protect the elbow joints and reduce the impact when falling on the ground. If you do not wear protective gear, you might be injured to varying degrees when falling, which will also cause children to get feared and even give up roller skating. A helmet is a necessity, and it's very important. Wearing a helmet is equivalent to an extra layer of protection so that learning roller skating will be handier, and parents will also feel at ease.

For various special sports, there are a variety of suitable helmets. Children need to buy a suitable and comfortable helmet, if the helmet is too large, it will lose the protective functions. There are helmets designed for toddlers and children. If the helmet is damaged in an accident, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

How to Choose a Child Safety Helmet

It's vital to choose a helmet that meets the specifications for infant and child bicycle helmets. The Chinese standard (CNS) is Y14 and the international standard (INS) is 13.220.40; 97.200.30. Bicycle helmets can also be used in roller skating and scooters. After damage, new helmets must be replaced.

Doctors and safety workers do not recommend that children under the age of 1 ride a bicycle. Since the child's neck is not fully developed, it is not strong enough to bear the weight of the helmet. The toddler helmet is relatively light and is designed to cover the back of the head.

How to Wear a Child Safety Helmet Correctly

First of all, choose a helmet that is suitable and loved by your child. The second is that the helmet must be worn upright and cannot be tilted back and forth. Third, the front edge should be 2 fingers wide away from the child's eyebrows. Then the straps on both sides of the cheeks should be V-shaped, at the intersection, under the child's ears, and they do not feel tight when they open their mouths.