Climbing Helmet

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When friends get into rock climbing, they often ask us, a climbing helmet supplier and manufacturer what kind of shoes, harness, or rope they should buy. We always tell them the same thing:” the first thing you should buy is a helmet.” But not just any helmet: a good, comfortable, well-fitting model that they will actually wear. A helmet means good protection, safety always starts from ahead.

Production Process of Children Helmet

Main item /categoryCapacity/Daily outputMOQLead time /first orderReorder leading time
Climbing helmet2000pcs/day1000pcs40-45days30-35days

Avoid head injuries caused by falling rocks or other objects during climbing, and protect the head and neck. Helmets used in mountaineering are special helmets, and bicycle helmets and construction helmets should not be used instead. Because the climbing helmet has special design characteristics when a hard object falls and the impact force is too large, the helmet will crack, the purpose is to disperse the impact of gravity on the neck, thereby effectively protecting it.

Structure: With the continuous innovation of technology, the helmet has undergone great changes in breathability, comfort, and aesthetics, but the main structure remains the same. It is roughly divided into helmet top, size adjuster, jaw adjustment belt, and ventilation holes. , Headlight clip.

Material: Each part of the helmet is made of different materials, roughly: engineering plastic (helmet body), high-elastic sponge (helmet top), thin flat belt (adjusting belt).

Precautions for use

  • When climbing on more complicated terrain (especially when you cannot see the climber above), when you hear the sound of something falling from above, you cannot lookup. Otherwise, it is easy to be hit by a falling object on the face. The correct way to hungry is to keep your head close to the slope until it is safe.

  • As long as you wear a helmet, you must buckle the lower jaw and adjust the tightness moderately.

  • Before each climb, check whether the helmet is worn correctly.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the helmet as a chair during rest and sit on it for rest.

Maintenance: Avoid severe collision of the helmet during use, and prevent squeeze during transportation.