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Go skating to be cooler and to be safer with a skateboard helmet. In skateboarding, fish-boarding, and drifting board sports, the most important piece of protective equipment is, certainly, a skateboard helmet. Abraded knees and elbows will heal, and broken bones can be reattached. However, in the worst case, the injury of the unprotected head may be irreversible. Spoton is a professional helmet supplier that offers reliable quality skateboard helmets, you can also get a personalized helmet by customizing.

Custom Skate Helmet Advantages

1. Unisex skateboard helmet

2. More breathable

3. High-density EPS with strong materials

4. Comfort and safety

5. Certified product

Production Process of Professional Skateboard Helmet

Main item /categoryCapacity/Daily outputMOQLead time /first orderReorder leading time
Skateboard helmet2000pcs/day1000pcs40-45days30-35days

Custom Skateboard Helmets for Different Gameplay

General skateboarding and street skateboarding
For most skateboarding in this range, half-shell/open-face skateboard helmets are suitable. This scoop-shaped skate helmet protects the front, sides, and back of your head.

Skateboard helmets have soft cushion-like protective linings that are used to cushion light or moderate impacts such as the kind of fall that often encountered when practicing skills in skateboarding. In street skateboarding, the speed of the fall is lower than in other sports, the impact force is relatively small, but the frequency of occurrence is relatively high. Under these conditions, skating helmets should have a hard outer shell and a protective liner made of soft foam that can withstand multiple light impacts. Although the skateboard helmet is designed to withstand multiple impacts, it is necessary to check the inside and outside of the helmet for damage after each fall in case of wear and tear. In addition, if you find any damage to the shell or lining, it is best to replace your helmet.

Skateboarding and cycling:

If you want a skate-style helmet and you want to wear it for cycling, you should buy a CPSC-certified skate helmet. CPSC-certified skateboard-style helmets meet both skateboard and bicycle safety standards. The key feature lays in the EPS lining. Helmets that use EPS liner are more capable of absorbing impact energy. In an accident, bicycles are much faster than skateboards, although this kind of accident occurs less frequently relatively, but is more harmful. If you want a skateboard-style helmet to wear during intense skateboarding or cycling, you should buy a helmet with a hard shell, EPS foam lining, and meeting CPSC requirements. Since bicycle/skate helmets are designed to withstand a single impact, it is important to check the helmet shell and lining after falls.

Downhill skateboards and longboards
Downhill skateboards and longboards: If you are skating very fast, or downhill (longboard), or playing super-vert, maybe you will want to add extra protection to the front of the face. A full-face helmet may be a good choice. These helmets also meet CPSC safety standards, so you can wear them on mountain bikes downhill or BMX. The full-face helmet has a chin-bar, which extends from the helmet to your face to protect your chin, jaw, cheeks, and other parts of the face; and a goggle (visor) can protect you from sunlight and tree branches. The full-face helmet also has a very comfortable lining, with thicker cushions, for further cushioning under high-speed impact.

Types of Professional Skateboard Helmet