Ski Helmet With Visor

Custom Ski Helmet with Visor Manufacturer

Advantages of Ski Helmet with Visor

1. Detachable visor

2. Unisex

3. Comfortable lining

4. OEM service is welcomed

5. Certified product

Never on the slopes without a helmet

Every year in winter, numerous ski slopes, slopes, and glittering powder snow attract thousands of people to the mountains and thus to the skis. And that raises the question of a suitable and above all safe helmet. It should first be mentioned again that a Ski Helmets are absolutely necessary and should be worn in any case, as in a fall serious head injuries threaten. On the market there are numerous models, ski helmets with visor or without visor are offered. 

Especially suitable are helmets with visor for spectacle wearers. Often a „normal“ helmet is included Ski goggles rather obstructive and narrows the user unnecessarily. A fixed visor also protects against snow/rain, wind and fogged normally not as fast as a conventional ski goggles. And if you actually need a „free“ view, the visor with one hand quickly pushed aside. In addition, the viewing angle is greater than with a mere ski goggles, since the visor is larger. Thus, a visor allows a larger viewing area from the corner of the eye.