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Ski Helmets are vital to protect your most important asset, your brain. No matter how good of a skier you are, falls happen, that's why you have to wear a ski helmet every time you head out on the mountain skiing. Ski helmets not only protect you from impacts but keep you warm, too.

Production Process

Main item /categoryCapacity/Daily outputMOQLead time /first orderReorder leading time
Ski helmet2000pcs/day1000pcs40-45days30-35days

Benefits of ski helmets

1.Reduce injuries

The head is the most important part of our entire body and the thinnest part of the skin. Ski helmets must be worn at all times ,in case.

2.Keep warm

Because ski helmet’s wind resistance and warmth are much higher than ordinary cotton hats (or woolen hats), it can play a good role in keeping warm during the gliding process.

3. Prevent snow mirror from fogging and frosting

People with ski caps have the experience. They will temporarily put snow goggles on their forehead when riding a cable car. At this time, the heat of the body turns the sweat on the hat into water vapor, which evaporates through the woolen cap onto the snow mirror, causing the snow mirror to fog or frost. Ski helmets don't have this similar situation because their shell isolation.

4.Reduce residual snow

The most troublesome thing when skiing is to take off the woolen cap to shake off the remaining snow after skiing in snowy days or bushes (especially the residual snow left on the foam around the snow mirror will also cause the snow mirror to fog) . The surface of the ski helmet is smooth, and it will not leave snow even in snowy weather.

5.Can install GoPro

GoPro can be installed on ski helmets, and you can record while skiing to make more fun. It is recommended to choose a action camera which suits to your needs.

6.Can fix snow mirror

The rear of the helmet has a device to fix the snow goggle,it can prevent the snow goggles from falling off easily when skiing.

Maintenance of ski helmet

1.Cleaning of the helmet inside

The helmet should be cleaned in time while it has accumulated dirt and odor. It is better to use neutral and shampoo. After cleaning, wipe the water with a towel and leave it to dry in a well-ventilated place. Do not use electric appliances such as a hair dryer to prevent the buffer material from deforming.

2.Maintenance of helmet surface

The surface of the helmet is more susceptible to dirt and requires more frequent clean. First wipe off the stain with a damp cloth, then rub with car wax or wax. You can also use a helmet specific brightener for better results.

3. Maintenance of helmet goggles

When cleaning the goggles, add neutral detergent to the water, rub it by hand, and then wash it thoroughly with tap water, then wipe the water with a soft cotton cloth or paper towel. Finally, rubbing water wax or antistatic agent on its outer surface , it can reduce the adhesion of dust and speed up the flow of rain. The goggle inside should be coated with an anti-fog agent, which plays an important role in reducing the adhesion of mist.