Safety hazards of children's sports helmets

When children are riding, skating and doing other sports, they usually wear a child safety helmet for safety, but the product itself may have safety hazards. The unqualified indicators are mainly the stability of the wearing device, the strength performance of the wearing device, and the performance of absorbing collision energy.

The stability of the wearing device is an important indicator that reflects whether the wearer can continue to cover the head under the conditions of hook pull and back of the head. This indicator depends on the size of the child safety helmet, the triangle formed by the strap and the shell, and the rationality of the bayonet adjustment design.

The strength performance of the wearing device is an important indicator to measure whether the wearer can avoid a secondary collision on the head when the wearer has an accident. In the production and design process of sports helmets, if the enterprise does not take into account the elasticity of the strap, the strength of the connecting piece, the bearing capacity of the connecting buckle, etc., the material used is due to its greater elasticity, and the strength of the plastic connecting piece is lower. The fastening force of the buckle is small. After undergoing a certain force, due to the large dynamic elongation, the elastic recovery of the lace is better. The wearer's head may receive a secondary collision, and even the connection piece may break, the buckle is loosened, the helmet flies out of the wearer's head, losing the protective effect.

The main reason why the performance of absorbing collision energy does not meet the standard is that aptamer cushions and shells are poor in absorbing collision energy are used. At present, polymer foam plastics such as EPS and EPP are mostly used for the aptamer cushion of sports helmets.

Notes for purchasing child safety helmets:

1. Choose child safety helmets produced by regular manufacturers and certified by labels;

2. Choose the appropriate size and style according to your own needs, and try to choose a sports helmet with a high-density foam plastic aptamer cushion to prevent poor impact energy absorption and no protective effect when encountering accidents;

3. Pay attention to choosing a lighter-weight child safety helmet to reduce the burden on the head, and choose a sports helmet with better breathability. If the sports helmet worn has been crashed or cracked during use, it should be replaced in time;

4. When wearing a sports helmet, the straps should be fastened to prevent the helmet from bounce off easily after head collision and lose its protective effect.

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