Selection and Use of Sports Helmets for Children

How to choose the right sports helmets?

1. View information

Check the sports helmet factory information, implementation standards, helmet size and other information. Do not buy helmets from sports helmet factories without product identification.

2. Choose material

Touch the inner liner of the helmet to confirm whether the texture is soft and comfortable, and whether it is firmly attached to the inside of the helmet; according to the foam cushion layer between the shell and the liner, try to choose products with high density and thick dimensions.

3. Wearing experience

If possible, you can try it on to ensure that the size fits the child's head and the visual field is not affected; check whether the hand strap and buckle are tight, and the stretch should not be too long.

4. Pay attention to holes

The larger the ventilation holes on the helmet, the more the head is exposed to the outside, and the protection factor will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a helmet with particularly large ventilation holes.

Use of children's sports helmets

1. Dispose of after collision

If the helmet worn by the sports helmet crashes during use, it should be replaced in time, and it should not be used again.

2. Parental guidance is very important

When children wear a child safety helmet, parents need to provide help and guidance to confirm whether the helmet is fastened, the straps are tight, and the buckles are loose. Wear it correctly and effectively to make the helmet's protective effect fully played.

3. Fully equipped and safer

In outdoor sports, on the basis of wearing a protective sports helmet, you can also wear wrist guards, knee guards, and elbow guards according to actual needs to improve safety.

4. Remember to replace regularly

With the growth and development of children, the size of sports helmets will change. At the same time, sunlight and sweat will also cause the helmet and some accessories to age. Therefore, it is recommended that the helmet and the age of the helmet be changed in time replace.

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