Seven Characteristics of Life Saving Bicycle Helmet: Entanglement Between Life and Price

Ⅰ. The importance of helmet for bike

There is not doubt about the function of helmet for bike to protect the life of cyclists. According to the report of American highway safety insurance research, 98% of people dying from bicycle accidents in America do not wear helmets, while wearing helmets in collision accidents reduce risk of serious head injury by 85%. With the increase of hard cypress oil road and stone road, there are more head injury accidents when people are riding bicycles. Because riding helmet can provide protection for the fragile head, it is a necessary equipment for cyclists.

Generally, people who have never had an accident will not realize the importance of good equipment. You only live once. If you save money on equipment, you will spend more money in the hospital. Now the most minor fracture surgery costs nearly ten thousand yuan. This kind of saving is really not worth the loss.

Ⅱ. Seven characteristics of cycle helmet to identify the quality of helmet for bike

1. Texture: good density

Helmets are usually made of foamed materials (the difference between the ordinary density or the high density, lies in their anti-collision effect) and have smooth shell surface.

2. Weight: light

The pressure on the head should not be too heavy, which is why the helmet is not made of alloy. Most helmets weigh between 9 and 16 ounces. Note: most cheap helmets are heavy.

3. Lining: washable

Helmet features such as washable corduroy fabric or anti microbial pad can keep your helmet clean and fresh. The best urban cycle helmet with excellent workmanship has a large inner lining coverage, better texture and stronger adhesion with the inner side of the helmet. The Velcro on the back of the inner lining can facilitate the cleaning of the inner lining. Just soak it in the water with detergent or detergent for a few minutes, rub it with hands slightly, rinse it wit clean water and dry it.

4. Wearing comfort: adjustable head circumference

Cheap helmets are generally uncomfortable. Helmet fit is necessary. Bicycle helmet manufacturers offer helmets in small, medium, large and extended sizes. Cheap helmets are only one size fits all. It is known that wearing comfortable helmets can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck, and maximize the protection effect in case of impact. You can also choose custom made bike helmets.

5. Air permeability: feel dry

It can keep your head dry during long-distance riding. The more vents on the helmet, the more airflow around the head, and the cooler you feel. Cheap helmets are of very few vents, so people will feel hot. However, keep in mind that the more vents on your helmet, the more exposed your head will be, so the degree of protection will be reduced accordingly. It is recommended to wear a "sweat band" on your head in hot weather to prevent sweat from flowing into your eyes. In the cold season, wear "ear muffs" or thin elastic headscarves to keep warm.

6. Types: meet the needs of riding

The half helmet type riding helmet can be divided into two types: use only for highway (no brim), dual use for highway and mountain (with detachable brim), etc. Some friends use helmets similar to those used in baseball or roller skating. Full helmet riding helmet is similar to motorcycle helmet, which is generally used by downhill or trial bike enthusiasts. Therefore, the category you choose also determines the price of helmets to a certain extent.

7. Sense of design: humanization

There are different types of helmets. Some helmets are of plastic visors on the front to protect the eyes from the sun and rain. A helmet with a brim can protect against the sun, and a reflective sign pasted on the helmet can prevent accidental collision when people are riding at night. The more eye-catching the colors are at night, the easier it is for other car drivers or other cyclists to see you.

In addition to the above points that determine the price of helmets, there is also a point that there are many factors, such as research and development, intellectual property rights, marketing costs, brand premium and so on besides the cost of materials. Cost performance cannot be generalized. At least in the helmet industry, the demand for technical content is very high.

To sum up, when choosing bicycle helmets, you should give priority to choosing helmets that are suitable for your needs and at reasonable prices according to the importance of helmet selection. Moreover, note the priority of this choice: comfort > breathability > appearance > weight.

Ⅲ. How often is it reasonable to replace bicycle helmet?

The purpose of the helmet is to break, which is the function of the helmet. The material used in the helmet is a kind of material that will be broken when it is suddenly hit. When the head is hit by something, the helmet will be crushed or broken. That's the function of helmets to protect the head. The helmet is designed to withstand at least one impact. After any collision, the old helmet should be replaced in time to ensure its best performance.

Note: whether riders  fall or are hit, they should replace the helmet every three years. Although the helmet has not been collided, the sun exposure and sweat erosion will also make the helmet and some accessories aging, thus weakening the safety factor and damaging the protective performance of the helmet.