Smart Helmet is the Future Trend

In the era of intelligence, helmets have also begun to become intelligent. With the popularity of cycling, many companies have also begun to experiment with the design and manufacture of smart helmets.

1. The function of the smart helmet

The function of the smart helmet is firstly a riding warning, and there is a warning light behind the helmet. There will be red warning lights and yellow turning lights for daily riding, and there will be a variety of flashing methods at night and in heavy fog. There is also a cycling phone with a smart helmet. Generally, it is built-in Bluetooth external amplifier, the helmet has a windproof microphone, and the phone can be answered through the helmet controller at the handlebar position.

The music function of the smart helmet is the best way to solve boring riding. Generally, Bluetooth speakers are used, but wearable headphones are not used to avoid the unpredictable environmental sound of riding danger after the ears are completely blocked.

In team riding, one-click intercom is also very important, and it can maintain timely communication on issues such as sudden danger ahead and riders falling behind. In the event of an accident, SOS alarm is also the key. There are also helmets that imitate high-end motor vehicles in riding warnings, projecting safety images and safety infrared warning lines on both sides before riding, marking the safe distance, prompting the motor vehicle to maintain a safe distance and solving the problem of blind spots.

In response to the needs of outdoor riding, some will also combine the use of helmets with drones to meet the individual needs of young people. Cyclists can command the drone to shoot aerially while riding. If the road conditions are complicated, the UAV can also play a role in path finding.

2. The development of smart helmets

From the perspective of the development of intelligence, the smart helmet is a big step forward, and the creativity is also very novel. But overall, it will take time for smart helmets to be accepted by the market. This is because the smart helmet, as a disposable protective gear, adds a variety of electrical components, but it will make people less confident in their protective duties. Moreover, in the event of a collision, the smart device is easily damaged and the cost is extremely high. But its functions can indeed attract cyclists. In general, the prospects for smart helmets are still very broad.