The Advantages of Ski Helmets

For skiing, the importance of ski equipment is not only to be cool in the snow but also for your safety and better sports experience. Choosing the ski helmet correctly may save your life in an emergency. So, how to pick a ski helmet? Now we will introduce to you the advantages of ski helmets so that you can know more about ski helmets when selecting among them. 

1. Soft Shell. It means that the helmet is soft. Of course, it is not the inferior product with a few pieces of sponge pasted in the woolen hat, but a professional medium-sized soft shell. Compared with those soft helmets with D30 woven or with protective sheets, it is safer, strong in protection, flexible, comfortable, and durable. It uses two different densities of VN materials, which can deal with high energy and low energy and is more suitable for normal situations. 

2. Regulation system. Nowadays, the ski snowboard helmets regulation system is usually multidimensional, and some also have self-locking designs, including a knob type in the head circumference direction, a vertical telescopic type, and an auxiliary gasket design. The regulation system can enhance stability. The ergonomically designed fixing method, the internal filling and accommodating cap, and the seamless fitting design of the snow goggles are basically industry standards. 

3. Ventilation and temperature adjustment. It includes constant temperature control, airflow control, and warm and humid air guidance control for snow mirror defogging, making skiers fresh, dry, warm, and comfortable every day. There are usually two ventilation systems, one can be manually opened and closed, and the other is fixed opening. It is recommended to choose an adjustable ventilation system that can be opened and closed, which is very useful in low temperature, high-speed wind, and high skiing speed conditions.

4. Snow lens with base. It is usually divided into silicone soft snap fasteners and hard clips. The advantage of softness is to increase its safety, but the disadvantage is that the snow goggles that are snapped on the back of the head may be too thick to be embedded in use; the advantage of the hard base is that it is convenient, but some hard clips are easy to break or fall off.