The Correct Way to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle helmet is an important equipment in bicycle riding, it is the guarantee of our life safety, but incorrect wearing of bicycle helmet will not play its due role in safeguarding.

1. The correct way to wear a bicycle helmet

Wear a bicycle helmet to keep it level and not tilt forward or backward. Some people think that the front brim of the helmet is a bit blocking the line of sight, so they raise the helmet a lot to get a good line of sight. In fact, we can remove the brim to achieve the effect. Most helmets nowadays are equipped with fast-adjusting straps. First open the straps, place the helmet horizontally on your head, and slowly tighten the straps until you feel comfortable. Then adjust the straps and place them under the ears. After adjusting the straps, tighten the straps to fit your chin. After you have completed the above operations, make sure that the bicycle helmet can move no more than 1 inch (1 inch = 2.5400 cm), and ensure that the helmet will not fall off without loosening the straps. The correct wearing of a bicycle helmet should be the thickness of the helmet adjustment strap that crosses under the ear, about 1.5 cm. The entire strap is fixed on the chin instead of the throat, and the thickness of a finger is also left, about 1.5 cm.

2. Precautions for wearing a bicycle helmet

Wearing bicycle helmets gives priority to protecting the forehead, because most of the loss of control and collisions are caused by falling forward. The front of the helmet should be pressed above the brow, and the forehead should not be exposed. Choose a bicycle helmet with a suitable size, or use the inner lining of different thicknesses delivered by the helmet to adjust it to minimize the gap between the head and the helmet body. To wear a bicycle helmet, tighten the adjustment knob on the back of the helmet, let the headband give a certain pressure to tighten the head, and try to rotate the helmet left and right with both hands, it is better to basically not be able to rotate.