The History of Road Cycling Helmet

Road bike racing has always been an adventurous sport with a long history and rich legends.

1. Road bike helmets were not popular in the past

At first, people had no practical experience on how to protect the head from severe impacts, so leather hat helmets were still in production until the 1980s, but their specific protective effects are unknown. In the road bike races in the 1980s, we could see the appearance of plastic helmets. Of course, in most cases, the majority of road bike racers did not wear helmets.

In fact, the history of wearing road bike helmet during competitions is not very long. Bicycle helmets were first proposed in the bicycle boom for the protection of children. The inspiration for bicycle helmets obviously came from motorcycle helmets. At that time, bicycle helmets had very few ventilation holes and were very hot, but they were just right for the amount of exercise for children. However, for high-intensity sports such as road bike competitions, road bike helmets are resisted by many players. After all, in the history of cycling, helmets are an "invasive alien species." The athletes are not used to it, the reporters are not used to it, and the audience may not be used to it.

However, many players died because of a violent head hit, and I don't want more accidents that would take the players' lives. Wearing a cycle helmet may not change the result of the day's race, but it may save their lives.

2. The current status of the road bike helmet

Today's helmet manufacturing technology is very different from before. Road bike helmets have gone from being a technology transfer product for motorcycle helmets that were airtight in the past to having more than half of the ventilated area, while being as light as a feather and having a low-resistance aerodynamic shape. Many fans and spectators have thus developed the ability to distinguish players through details such as helmets, team uniforms, numbers, and even lock shoes and glasses. But I have to admit that road bike helmets reduce the probability of fatal accidents in the race as much as possible.