The Principle of Protecting Head with Bicycle Helmet

1. The importance of bicycle helmets

The protective effect of bicycle helmets in protecting the lives of cyclists is beyond doubt. In reality, many examples show that many of the deaths from cycling are not wearing bicycle helmets, and the risk factor of wearing bicycle helmets in collision accidents has been reduced a lot. 

In addition, wearing a bicycle helmet not only makes people feel cool, the ventilation holes on the helmet also make the head feel cooler. As an old saying goes, a clear head is easier to win the game.

2. The principle of the bicycle helmet to protect the head

The principle of the bicycle helmet to protect the head is that the wearer of the helmet can make the impact force on the head relatively moderate. If a person who does not wear a helmet hits his head on the ground, it will often cause brain edema and cause hemorrhage. However, the polymerized ball in the helmet can absorb the impact and avoid these unfortunate incidents. Choose a bicycle helmet that suits you, it can also make you more handsome. How is a bicycle helmet suitable? The rim of the helmet you bring on is at the center of your forehead. The helmet will not circulate on your head, will not shake back and forth, will not have the feeling of clamping, but will be relaxed. Protect your head naturally. Naturally, the air permeability cannot be ignored. The more pores, the better the air permeability, but these must be guaranteed on the premise of safety. Although some helmets do not have many ventilation holes, the unique ventilation performance design can achieve the same effect.