What is the Difference Between Single and Double Snowboarding Helmets

There is no essential difference between single-board snow ski helmets and double-board ski helmets except that they look slightly different in style. Snowboard helmets are mainly aimed at young people, so the design focuses on the integration of popular and fashionable elements. Snowboard helmets are more functional and safe. There is no essential difference between the ski helmets worn by single-board players and double-board players. Some snowboarders often wear a hat inside the helmet to show their personality.

According to your own sliding style, choose ski helmets in the following categories:

1. Free Ride Style snow ski helmets

This kind of helmet is characterized by streamlined design, light weight, good ventilation performance, and adjustable size. Compared with park skills and freestyle ski helmets, it is more suitable for public sliding and hiking.

2. Park Slope Style snow ski helmets

This snow ski helmet is characterized by strong durability and low center of gravity, suitable for Park, Rails and Kickers. The new helmets that have been continuously launched in recent years have also improved ventilation performance on the basis of ensuring durability, and the wearing feeling also tends to be comfortable. This helmet is not only suitable for snowboard park skill skiing and double-board freestyle skiing, but can also be used as a helmet for bicycle and skateboard practice after the inner lining is removed. Relatively speaking, this kind of snow ski helmets is more used in snowboarding.

3. Full Face snow ski helmets

This is a kind of snow ski helmets used in professional ski competitions, so ordinary skiers do not need to choose this helmet.