Why Do People in Helmet Still Get Hurt when Riding an Electric Vehicle?

We all know that safety helmets are life-saving helmets. Driving an electric bicycle should wear a safety helmet or a custom made helmet correctly. Electric cars do not have protective measures like cars. Once an accident occurs, people will directly fell down onto the ground, and the head is often the first to hit the ground. The head is the most fragile part of the human body. As long as it is hit, it may cause a concussion in the mild cases, and may cause sub-mental hemorrhage in the severe cases.

So the question is, how to wear a safety helmet correctly?

1. Determine the size of the helmet after measuring the head circumference or trying on the helmet. When wearing it, the rear adjuster must be opened to the maximum. Due to the huge differences in the size of human heads in various countries, custom helmets have become a very popular way.

2. Wear the helmet horizontally and do not tilt forward or backward. The back tilt of the helmet will block the line of sight and cannot protect the safety of the back position of the head. Leaning forward of the helmet will cause the helmet to fail to protect the safety of the forehead position.

3. Tighten the adjuster until the helmet does not shake and feel comfortable. A customized helmet will fit the wearer's head more closely and is easier to adjust.

4. Adjust the black bifurcated buckles of the webbing on both sides of the helmet, so that the position of the ears is in the middle of the two webbings.

5. Adjust the length of the chin socket and fasten it. There is a finger gap at the chin. It is a safe and suitable way to wear, instead of simply "buckling" the helmet on the head.

The wearing method is important, while to have custom made helmets is also essential to our safety.

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