Why not Wearing a Bike Helmet?

1. Bike helmets are too heavy!

Rider: You've never worn a helmet. They're so light these days.

2. If I don't ride fast, I don't need a helmet. 

Rider: There are so many "road killers" nowadays, you know.......

3. Bike helmets are too expensive. 

Rider: It's much cheaper and less painful than going inside the A&E to get your scalp stitched up and the medicine.

4.The helmet will mess up my hair. 

Rider: Yes, this is true. However, if you fall off your bike without wering a bike helmet, you might hurt your head badly. You can consider the options: a day of messed up hair or a lifetime of broken brains.

5. It looks ugly. 

Rider: Come on! Only wearing a helmet, can you look professional, and drivers will respect you and make way for you, so that you can be cool. And, according to the Rider's observation, the head-turning rate with a helmet is many more percentage points than without a helmet.

6. Too hot to wear a bike helmet. 

Rider: helmet has a lot of cooling holes and super ventilation holes, so you won't get hot.

7. I don't need a helmet if I'm not riding on a busy highway. 

Rider: This is a big mistake. Only 10 percent of bicycle injuries are related to cars. It's more likely that you'll fall over a rock or run over a pit, these accidents can happen on any road.

8. I never fall off the bike. 

Rider: Probably just not for a while. Everyone falls off their bikes at some point, and some serious injuries are caused by a fall, so do not take any chance.

9. Wearing helmets look ridiculous. 

Rider: There are so many colors and designs of cycling helmets these days, you can find one that makes you look awesome.

10. None of my friends wear bike helmets.

Rider: Maybe your friend doesn't know the importance of helmets, if you're the first one who recognize it and the first one to wear a helmet. Imagine how much grateful he'd be if a friend of yours saved his life in a fall because he learned to wear a helmet from you, right?