Utilizing the latest innovations in machinery technology, SpotOn provides high-quality, precision tooling and components. Our in-house mold making includes both 5-axis and 3-axis CNC options. Robotic automation in injection molding, PC shell trimming, and painting insures high efficiencies, thus lowering costs. Finally our testing lab has a comprehensive list of the latest machines to adhere to global quality assurance standards.

CNC Mold Making

6 total3-Axis Pollex CNC (China&South Korea)

1 set / 3-5 daysEPS Molds

1 set / 2-3 daysPC Vacuum Forming Molds

1 total5-Axis Bridgeport CNC (USA)

1 set / 3-5 daysEPS Molds

1 set / 2-3 daysPC Vacuum Forming Molds

EPS Liner Molding

1 totalHirsch EPS Bead Pre-Expansion Machine (Austria)

Advantages: effective bead mixing, assuring even and stable sizes

Tolerance of EPS density is +/-2 g/l

25 TotalKurtz/Wertheim (Germany) EPS Standard Molding Machines

Capacity - 480K / month

1 totalKurtz K911 Two-Sided Rotating EPS Mold Machine

Capacity - 32K / month

PC Shell - Screen Printing and Molding

7 totalSemi-Automatic Screen Printing Machines

1 totalFully Automatic Screen Printing Machine

8 totalPC Shell Vacuum Forming Machines

PC Shell - Automated Trimming

16 totalABB Robotic Trimming Machines

2 totalMulti-Axis CNC Dual Shell Trimming Machine

Capacity - 150K to 200K month / each

Automated Injection Molding

4 totalHaitian Robotic Injection Molding Machines

Automated Painting Line

FANUC (Japan)
2 Robotic Lines
Capacity - 300K / month

Assembly Lines

8 Currently
8 Easily Addable
Capacity - 1500 / day / line
Max Capacity - 500K / month

Back-up Power Generator

Shanghai Stanford STF 800 - 1 - 4


Advantage: stable and consistent power supply

Testing Lab

Our testing lab includes the necessary machines to perform materials, components, and finished goods all meet rigorous global quality and safety standards including CE/ CPSC/ASTM/FAUS/ AF/GB/FIS.


Serial No.Equipment CodeDescriptionTest ItemScopeRemark
TS001Cadex:100ATwin Wire Flying ArmImpact TestEN-1078; EN-1077; CPSC;
ASTM F2040; AS; NZS2063
Cadex:100ALoad DistributionAS; NZS2063
Cadex:100APenetration TestingEN-1077
TS002Cadex:SB200Dynamic Strap Machine System 2 in 1RetentionEN-1078; EN-1077; CPSC;
ASTM2040 AS; NZS2063
TS003AHT-6016-Aroll off machineRoll Off TestEN-1077; EN-1078www.hototest.com
TS003BHT-6016-BCPSC; ASTM F2040
TS003CHT-6016-CAS; NZS2063
TS004HT-6015Test Line and Impact Point
Locating Laser Table
Draw Test LineEN-1078; EN-1077; CPSC;
ASTM2040 AS; NZS2063
TS005HT-5012ovenHot ConditioningEN-1078; EN-1077; CPSC;
ASTM2040 AS; NZS2063
TS006HT-5013fridgeCold Conditioning
TS007HT-6014UV aging testing machineAgeing ConditioningEN-1077; EN-1078
TS008HT-6020Rain Conditioning MachineRain ConditioningEN-1077; EN-1078
TS009N/Atensile test machineTensile Testplastic&strap
TS010HT-8020transportationTransportation Testcartonwww.hototest.com
TS011HT-2100salt spray test machineSalt Spray Testhardware
TS012N/Acorrugated board bursting machineBursting Testcorrugated board
TS013HT-6602color fastness test machineCoating Adhesion Testpaint,leather&protective filmwww.hototest.com
TS014N/AFastness Testfabric&strap
TS015N/Astandard light boxStandard Lightall colored components
TS016HT-6025EPS density measurementEPS DensityEPS linerwww.hototest.com
TS017N/Awater tankWet ConditioningCPSC; ASTM2040;
AS; NZS2063

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